Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year I forget what a big deal Valentine's Day is for little girls! Pearl has been making her class valentines for weeks!! I was last minute with our crafts and gifts, so it was slim pickings at the grocery store this afternoon.
I made a tiny flower arrangement with what I could find and as I was unpacking groceries, I remembered seeing these from Taylor Tomasi Hill's Instagram feed @TTHBLOOMS:

So, I used the bag my red wine came in and topped the bouquet off with a chic little bow! I'm betting TTH doesn't use carnations, but I think they're great looking in little clusters. 
(Reminds me of these I did.)
Embossed initial cards coming soon to the shop!

I didn't have a chance to make a Valentine's dress this year, so we added a heart to one of her dresses. It was super easy with embroidery thread and would be cute on onesies, tees, etc...
Since she has to wear red, navy, or white, I made her a linen skirt with heart pockets for school this year. Also coming to the shop this spring!!

Hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day!!!

If you want to get caught up on NY Fashion Week, there's lots to see on Instagram. Some of my favorites have been @voguemagazine, @miraduma, @dvf, @annstreetstudio, @cynthia_rowley, @gucciwestman, @xobetseyjohnson, @lela_rose and TTH is covering it for Goop...


V-Day Treats

A special sale going on through Friday, 

If you have time for projects this week...
We made these stitched valentines again this year.
I love a good excuse for making festive cocktails (or having someone else make them)!!


New Favorite Artist...

'Jar Joy' 5x5
'Kaleidoscope' 12x12

See more emerging artists HERE!


Prints & Patterns

There's so many prints out right now that can be layered with tights and coats until it warms up. They range from boho to preppy and best of all, day to night. I'd throw this floral dress on with booties, or style this patterned skirt like the chic women above in ankle strap sandals. A floral maxi dress and  block print cover up that could be worn to church and the beach on the same trip are already on my list for summer. 
I wore this wrap dress to a wedding last weekend and it was nice to be in something other than black for a change. Perfect for an 11AM wedding on an unusually warm January day!
Love you Helen!!!


Snow Day!

I'm big on Thank You notes, especially for kids, so when P suggested we send Granny a TEXT for her new outfit yesterday, I almost lost it. I had just seen Mats Gustafson's watercolor illustrations so I drew the outfit and P painted it.
The great thing about painting (especially watercolors) is that it usually turns into other projects. I've figured out that once I suggest enough of my own ideas, she gets frustrated and comes up with her own :) 
My vintage punch glasses work well for water since they don't tip over easily, and baby food jars are great for little hands too.


New Mom Essentials

I'm going on a month of very little sleep (so tired!!!) and thought I'd share some things that are helping me out. First up is this Instant Depuffing Roll-on Gel from Sephora. I keep it in the fridge and put it on in the morning while I make coffee. The cold roll-on applicator feels heavenly on half-open eyelids. (The depuffing eye mask is also great for tired eyes and hangovers :)
As for makeup, I'm a big fan of this Nars creamy concealerand the mini Blush/Bronzer Duo gives me some extra color. This Chubby Stick Eye Shadow and Glossy Lip Pencil are practically hands-free, and I've been layering this Sugar Lip Treatment (in Rose) underneath for a bolder lip. I love that it's all natural and sheer enough for the daytime, so it doesn't leave lipstick marks all over baby cheeks!
On nights that I remember to wash my face, this natural astringent with aloe from Whole Foods makes it feel extra clean. This is my first winter baby, so I've been using Aquafor like crazy and I've found that it works great for cuticles. Who knew??? I've wasted so much $$$ on oils and cuticle creams. If you're nursing, these gel pads are a lifesaver in the first few weeks- I put them in the fridge too. 
I don't have a diaper bag, so I like these Baggu zip bags to corral baby things inside my tote bag. They're easy to clean and prevent milk spills in the bottom of your purse. I have both the medium and large sets and use them for everything- diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles, wet swimsuits, ETC!!
This is my first baby to have a reaction to Pampers, so I've been ordering diapers and wipes from The Honest Company. I really like their shampoo+body wash and I also use the conditioning mist for Pearl's hair. I think that's it for now! Have a great weekend!


Happy New Year!

She's here! Just in time to celebrate Christmas at home with us. Her sister and (especially) her brother are completely smitten!
I've come to love the newborn phase a little more with each baby. Knowing how fast it goes by, or that soon they will be sleeping through the night, or that very soon people won't be offering to bring you groceries and keep the kids. It makes the sleepless nights a little bittersweet...
"The days are long, but the years are short."
Gretchen Rubin



Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Kids ($5 and under!)

(All the Little Mr. and Miss Books on Amazon)
Stocking stuffers are my favorite things to shop for, especially since they don't require any wrapping :)

And for the next week, all necklaces in The Shop are 1/2 off with Free Shipping! They make perfect stocking stuffers!!